Win more deals by switching on your services ecosystem

The modern platform revolutionising how ICT businesses win services deals.
Leverage powerful real time market data & intelligence, networks of capabilities, increased capacity and market driven pricing.

Switch On Your Services Sales, Supplier & Partner Ecosystem

The modern platform revolutionising how ICT businesses win services deals.
Leverage powerful real time market data & intelligence, networks of capabilities, increased capacity and market driven pricing.

Win more services deals

stop leaving money
on the table

Intense competition is forcing ICT businesses to not always engage partners/suppliers to receive design input, availability and competitive pricing, before committing proposals.

Add to the mix a rapidly changing services landscape and many simply walk away from opportunities.

Why? There’s no fast, easy, seamless way to engage their services ecosystem early in the sales cycle. Until now.

Sukhi Bhullar
Founder and CEO, Bench

Designed for visibility, control and scale across your services sales operations

A single source of truth

Information trapped in silos is of little value. Replace inefficient emails, spreadsheets and ad hoc sales processes with a day-to-day modern platform and to focus on your ‘North Star’:

  • Early engagement by multiple teams to support services opportunities
  • Dynamic interactions captured simultaneously across all teams and opportunities
  • Real time visibility and automatic progression of opportunities across all pipeline stages

Created To Deliver Outcomes With Confidence

Actionable Insights To Win Deals & Logos

Engage with customer and supplier/partner networks early in the sales cycle to make informed decisions faster, backed by robust real time data and market intelligence.

  • Discover and augment capabilities and capacity from across internal and external service provider networks
  • Receive design input and competitive pricing to shape solutions prior to proposal commitment with customers
  • Align ‘best fit’ suppliers to opportunities based on their performance

Engineered To Future-Proof Your Business

Foresight to drive Business Growth

Capitalise on emerging technologies and market opportunities.
Bench puts you in the driver’s seat to navigate future business opportunities with assurance.

  • Anticipate shifts in services demand from your customers to take advantage of new growth opportunities
  • Align partner and supplier recruitment activities to future customer demand
  • Detect trends for emerging technologies across partner, supplier and customer networks

See how it all comes together

Think and act with clarity and agility

The first dynamic dashboard for ICT services ecosystems

Automated aggregation of your internal teams, supplier and partner data

Profiles, expertise, certifications and performance data is aggregated so you know what services your teams & provider networks can supply, where and when, in real time.

Supplier and partner performance at a glance

Real time intelligence on how many opportunities each supplier/partner has received, their potential value by type (EOI, SoW, T&M), whose responding filtered by customer, pipeline stage/status, location, expertise, category, vendor, and much more.

‘Autopilot’ set to drive opportunity pipelines

Every interaction on every opportunity dynamically captured and actioned in real time, whether by your internal, supplier or partner teams. Placing you in the driver's seat to always know the latest status, value and stage of every opportunity across your services sales pipeline.

Real time market intelligence

Data is aggregated and transformed into valuable insights, shining a light on: how your services capacity and capabilities map to services demand by location, actual market rates based on open and closed opportunities, and an expertise catalogue that evolves dynamically based on customer needs and supplier/partner capabilities.

ICT Businesses on Bench

Power to the people

Designed for...


Stop relying on outdated information and forge pathways to profitable business backed by real time market intelligence.


Eliminate tasks that do not generate revenue and focus on driving sales opportunities to win the confidence and trust of customers.


Remove processes that hinder real time visibility across customer engagements and engage earlier to help shape and successfully deliver solutions by real time market intelligence.

Replace static, outdated spreadsheets and dynamically discover and engage with services suppliers and partners.

Don’t take our word for it

What people are saying

The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings…will be a game-changer for partners.

Phil Cameron Managing Director,
Westcon-Comstor Australia

The easy to use platform has allowed our team to integrate new contractors quickly and provide additional services and resource capacity to our end clients.

Paulo Mpliokas CEO, OlympusTech

I believe that Bench is well-positioned to take advantage of the 'new world of work' in such a way that it serves as a highly-dynamic channel for businesses to develop agile talent and services ecosystems.

Christopher Dwyer VP, Research, Ardent Partners

    Realise Immediate value

    No implementation

    Easy adoption

    On-going support

    One platform

    Many use cases

    Walking Away From Services Opportunities?

    Access your ecosystem of capabilities, at speed and scale.

    Use Expertise Search to instantly see which suppliers, partners and office locations in your ecosystem can support you on opportunities.

    Manual Supplier & Partner Management Processes?

    Avoid the hassle of emails, phone calls and spreadsheets when you need answers.

    Send and receive EOI, SOW, or T&M opportunities to/from your ecosystem of suppliers/partners. Receive and send responses on who can do the job, their availability and quote.

    Know The Status And Value Of Your Sales Pipelines?

    Eliminate the need to manually progress opportunities through your pipeline.

    Your pipelines are set to autopilot, so you can easily track the status & progress for each opportunity, 24x7.

    Committing Proposals and Hoping You Can Deliver?

    Engage your services and supplier/partner ecosystem early in the sales cycle.

    Rely on powerful market insights, design input, availability and competitive pricing from suppliers/partners before committing proposals to customers

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