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We brings innovation and evolution to how businesses and their supplier networks orchestrate their efforts in fulfilling SoWs and staff augmentation opportunities.


We estimate that at least a dozen sectors, including B2B services, mobility, travel and hospitality, health, and housing, are reinventing themselves as vast ecosystems, networks of networks that could add up to a $60 trillion integrated network economy by 2025.


SOW Engagements are the way forward

We are seeing a radical change in the business landscape. As industry sectors increasingly go digital, companies are being pushed to view their customers, business partners and competitors through a new lens – one of collaboration, within their own industry as well as outside of.

Traditional business models and buyer-seller marketplaces are being superseded by digital ecosystems, where companies actively participate in shaping the new landscape. Amazon, Uber and Nasper are all examples of digital ecosystems in play today.

Digital ecosystem

A complex network of stakeholders that connect online and interact digitally in ways that create value for all.

Ecosystem orchestrator

Companies that connect various stakeholders and create shared value for the community. They enable others to make and sell goods and services through the ecosystem.


Any party – client, supplier, partner – that extracts value from an ecosystem.

The Bench platform enables multiple benefits:

“Smart” integrated solutions

As customer needs become increasingly complex, ecosystems allow you to work with a far wider range of partners and pull together the underlying, rapidly changing technologies, services, data and expertise needed for “smart” integration solutions.

Nurture trust among partners

Every business within an ecosystem adds to it their own network of trusted suppliers, establishing a high level of trust among the entire network. As new alliances form, the trust within an ecosystem grows stronger.

Leverage diversity benefits

Digital-age partnerships eliminate geographic, language, and cultural barriers – unifying communication and ease of collaboration for you when engaging remote players from both developed and emerging markets.

Adaptable, collaborative networks

Ecosystems are designed to respond more quickly to evolving demand, customer needs and the competitive landscape. No longer reliant on rigid value chains, you can form multilateral partnerships built on trusted networks, and collaborate in ways not possible before.

Flexible deal structures

Long-term, rigid joint ventures are a thing of the past. Ecosystems enable you to engage in contractual relationships and platform partnerships with easy setup and dissolution, so that you can work quickly to meet today’s customer needs.

Revenue growth for suppliers and orchestrators

As businesses partner-up to create new networks of offerings and services, the benefits are shared by all – suppliers get new opportunities, deliver innovative solutions and grow their revenue, and ecosystem owners charge a fee for orchestrating it all.

Faster speed to market

As ecosystems enable the formation of adaptable and collaborative networks, solutions can be delivered at much faster speeds and greater volume, whilst minimising resource waste.

Cross-industry collaboration

As the Internet of Things sees the “smart” evolution of products and services across all industries – IT services, banking, health care, marketing, legal – you get the idea. Industry lines are becoming blurred, opening doors for cross-industry collaboration.

Continuous value creation

Ecosystems enable a more fluid means for businesses to offer value. New synergies and the endless possibilities of collaboration push companies to adapt and evolve how they meet rapidly changing market needs.

Manage your SOW engagements with Bench

Bench offers complete digital transformation for your sourcing & procuring needs.

Cloud-based platform, designed for rapid deployment and setup for more effective sourcing and procuring.

Seamlessly supports and simplifies the complexity of multi-partner systems with an array of automated tools.

Smart workflows to connect your networks to others, creating large network effects on demand.

How it Works

Shift away from traditional, ineffective collaboration model to one that enables evolution and innovation.


Analyse your current business. Where you play, who your partners and customers are, and where your threats and opportunities lie. The Bench platform enables you to identify the various stakeholders in your ecosystem and the value propositions they deliver. Untangle your fragmented network and bring it together, so you can seamlessly manage the collaboration and exchange of services and value.

  • Divvy up large projects into manageable SOW engagements.
  • An automated search engine that matches you with suitable trusted suppliers.
  • Real-time notifications to prompt suppliers to put forward bids for work.
  • Percent scoring to help you select the best suppliers for the job based on your criteria.

to have your configured, white-labelled
digital ecosystem up and running.

on average for suppliers to
set up their profiles.


Using Bench, you can give partners a smarter way to manage their own business. By inviting them to consolidate their own networks using Bench, they experience the same benefits and you get to expand your ecosystem further based on trusted networks.

As a result, more opportunities and expertise become available for you and everyone within the ecosystem to tap into.

“The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings will be the ability for our partners to scale out by leveraging a global marketplace of technical experts around chosen technologies or industry-leading vendors through Westcon-Comstor.

This level of access, and the speed in which partners can utilise these technical capabilities without those resources sitting on their books will be a game-changer for partners.”


Phil Cameron
Managing Director


As the digital ecosystem orchestrator, you have the power to decide how your ecosystem operates and enables collaborating partnerships. Bench brings everyone together, but you get to set the rules.

Our platform gives you all the dials to select your preferences for how partners participate on the platform, what they can do and with whom.


By bringing together your network and enabling them to put forward opportunities and deliver solutions more effectively, you are supplementing their business development and sales, and introducing new revenue streams for everyone involved.

It’s only fair that you share some of the benefits. Bench enables you to set booking fees based on transaction value, engagement types and more.


Bench is used by multiple businesses around the world to manage their digital ecosystems. Connecting with them and their networks is as simple as flicking a toggle on the platform, to open up doors for your business to create new collaborative offerings and services.

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Our partners have had to change up how they do things to keep supporting their customers. Through our Westcon-Comstor Services Bench, our partners have access to our ecosystems, and can form the right partnerships to deliver on projects. We help them provide high customer satisfaction and grow their business.

Director, Cloud and Services

Suppliers, service partners and contractors

Say YES to more opportunities with Bench – Bench gives you access to industry ecosystems, with streamlined sourcing and engagement on SoW projects.

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