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Our mission is to empower businesses to harness the full extent and scale of your internal, supplier & partner ecosystem.

Sukhi Bhullar
CEO & Founder

Andrew Bateman

Peter Murray
Head of Solutions and Services, APAC

Aurélia Conti
Marketing & Customer Experience Manager



We’re all about teamwork, healthy debates, and playing devil’s advocate. That’s how we get our best work done.


Our structure is as flat as it gets and we welcome open communication. There are no secrets here.


We’re all friends here. We show support, encourage professional and personal growth, and generally check in on each other.


We’re in a fast-paced industry and things change at the drop of a hat. We’re big on starting somewhere and building as we go.


We like all-rounders. Book smarts are key but soft skills and street smarts will give you a leg up.


We’ve failed a few times and improved incrementally. This only happens because we take risks. We encourage trying over playing it safe.

Build & Transform

We innovate. Our thinking caps are always on. No ideas are bad ideas –except maybe the sh*t ones but feel free to run them by the team 😉

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