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Announcing Bench 5.0: Next-Gen Expertise Search Engine with Percent Match Scoring

Today, we’re proud to launch our latest Bench release – Bench 5.0 – which introduces a powerful search engine and algorithm, enabling opportunities and resources to match even more effectively.


Bench 1.0 – Concierge (2015)

The Bench team sources resources for broadcasted opportunities on the platform [The Bench team curates a bench of contractors to broadcast opportunities to]

Bench 2.0 – Direct Source (2017)

Customers can directly access Benchrs via broadcasted opportunities [Clients can directly broadcast opportunities to Benchrs via the platform]

Bench 3.0 – White Label (2018)

Organisations can set up their own branded Bench marketplace, and match opportunities with resources

Bench 4.0 – Market Network (2019)

Bench marketplaces can connect with one another, forming a wider Bench network for matching of opportunities and resources

Bench 5.0 – Expertise Search (2020)

Bench introduces advanced search engine to enable more effective matching of opportunities and resources [More than 6 million data points are fed into the Bench Expertise Search]

Over the past five years, we’ve learned a bucket load about what’s important to our users when it comes to booking capabilities – both through Bench and our own collective industry experience. In many cases, lots of factors play into resource requirements, as you might be aware – from specific specialisations, skills and certifications, to prior experience with certain industries, vendors, tech, product. And depending on the nature of the project, certain requirements have more weight than others when it comes to selecting between offers.

As a result, we’ve spent months deliberating over how best to simplify and standardise a complex, multi-faceted resource search process. Our conversations and whiteboard sessions eventually brought us to this release – which introduces an algorithm-powered search engine we call Expertise Search. We wanted to make it incredibly effortless for our users to match opportunities with resources, and book the most suitable options, and so we did exactly that.

Expertise Search: A search engine based on categorisation of attributes

You’ll quickly spot our new search engine when creating new opportunities. No more scrolling through hundreds of skills to find the capabilities you’re after. When you broadcast opportunities, this advanced search engine allows you to look for Expertise, which is based on six key categories:

  • Areas of specialisation (i.e Security)
  • Vendors, tech & product worked with (i.e Cisco ACI)
  • Skills and services offered (i.e Data Centre Migration)
  • Certifications completed (i.e CCNA)
  • Industry experience (i.e Banking)
  • Personal qualities (i.e Leadership)

More than 6 million data points are fed into Expertise, which enables Bench to present ‘smart suggestions’ for each of the six categories. As you post new opportunities, our advanced search engine helps you succinctly select the criteria for the Expertise you need, and provides you with a matching pool of ideal employees, contractors and/or suppliers for the job.

Book resources based on percent match scoring

When selecting search attributes in Expertise Search, hiring managers now have the option to:

  • Select the Level of Expertise for each particular attribute – from Novice, Competent, Proficient, Advanced, Expert to Master.
  • Select the Importance of this attribute: Essential (must have) or Desirable (nice to have).

This feature calculates and assigns a Percent Match Score to each candidate, allowing hiring managers to view how each resource stacks up against the opportunity as a whole, as well as each individual search attribute, so they can make a well-informed decision.

Why does the new release matter?

Our new release allows vendors, suppliers, service partners and contractors to connect quickly and harmoniously, by simplifying and standardising a naturally complex process. Opportunities and resource profiles can now be richer in detail, yet structured in a way that allows all parties to make decisions quickly.

As a result, marketplaces can offer and book vetted expertise at an incomparable pace, allowing scalability and reach of services never seen before. Our new release is just the start to endless possibilities for businesses wanting to work globally with a trusted network. Check it out, or get in touch, and we’ll help you make the most of the new Bench.

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