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Circles of Trust: Incentivising users to leverage and monetise their networks in new ways

As many industry sectors pursue more digital engagement, companies are being encouraged to view their customers, business partners and competitors through a new lens – one of collaboration where: (more…)


New capabilities on Bench – July 2020 Update

We start the new financial year with some exciting updates! Our new Bench release brings to you a game-changing search engine and percent match scoring. (more…)

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Book world leading cybersecurity services with Cyber Market Hub

Our new partnership with Cyber Market Hub brings you trusted cybersecurity partners, to safeguard your critical data and intellectual property. (more…)

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Announcing Bench 5.0: Next-Gen Expertise Search Engine with Percent Match Scoring

Today, we’re proud to launch our latest Bench release – Bench 5.0 – which introduces a powerful search engine and algorithm, enabling opportunities and resources to match even more effectively. (more…)


New capabilities on Bench – May 2020 Update

This month, Bench is excited to have brought on 2 major suppliers, 126 new contractors, and our vert first digital employee, powered by Artificial Intelligence – all now available on the Bench network. Read on to find out more… (more…)

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Leverage 10+ years of successful software development project delivery – Geekseat is now on Bench

We’ve recently been in conversations with the fantastic team at Geekseat, and we’re excited to announce they are now on Bench (more…)

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How a remote working strategy can see your business through COVID-19

More than ever it’s important to keep activity going, even if it means shifting projects to more remote activities. The Bench tech enables you to find remote workers inside and outside of your organisation…

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Bench introduces a real-time map view of all your capabilities

That’s right! The new Market Insights feature can show you all capabilities on a single screen, helping you make the most of your Bench. Currently, no other software offers this level of…

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Pangara brings 500+ new developers to Bench

That’s right! We’ve recently teamed up with Pangara, a fast-growing elite network of skilled developers, to give you access to the top 5% of developers anywhere in the world. (more…)

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‘Old’ or ‘experienced’? How PrimeL addresses the IT skills shortage with mature workers

With the IT sector facing ageism, many mature, mid-level and senior IT professionals are being turned down from employment opportunities.