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Meet the tech that handles sourcing, engaging and booking capabilities – from start to finish

Say goodbye to:

Limited access to suppliers, partners and contractors

Time wasted screening unqualified capabilities

Added pressure to deliver responses

Say hello to:

Ease of accessing unlimited expertise and capabilities

Receiving bids within hours from market tested suppliers

On average receive 5 offers from qualified service providers

“OlympusTech went from a 5-15 day turnaround for supplier offers via recruitment agencies, to an average of 5 hours through Bench.”

Paulo Mpliokas
CEO, OlympusTech

How Bench helps you access world-class capabilities

Our network let you leverage services and expertise in over 150 countries around the world – all sourced and trusted by ecosystems powered by Bench.


Post an opportunity by setting your criteria for our automated matching of capabilities.


Receive interest, bids and quotes from qualified service providers, with percentage scoring to help you quickly assess the best matches.


Easily engage and book your preferred providers – chat, review company profiles, negotiate, schedule video calls and track project delivery directly on the platform.

Expertise available on Bench

Book any of the below capabilities to meet project demand
and support your existing clients, and win more business opportunities.

IT Services Capabilities

Systems Engineering
Network Engineering
Project Planning & Delivery
Cyber Security

Application Development
Digital & Cloud
Tech Support
End-User Computing

Data Science
IT Strategy & Management
Automation & DevOps
Database Design & Administration


Leveraging ‘digital ecosystems’ to orchestrate partners and supply faster, smarter solutions.

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Arts Community

Fine Art: Photography, Painting, 3D
Public Art: Outdoor Murals, Indoor Murals, Sculptures
Music & Audio: Music production, Mixing and mastering, DJs, Production, Musical performance
Graphic Design: Illustration, Animation
Performance Art: Theatrical Performance, Acting
Fashion: Designers, Modeling, Cosmetics


Democratizing the way art projects and services are sourced and delivered.

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Advertising & Media
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Market Research
Public Relations
Web Design


Orchestrating shared services and maximising employee utilisation.

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Only pay for successful bookings

We’ve made it super easy for you to access and book from a global network of trusted, highly skilled suppliers and service partners. You can manage the entire booking process right on the Bench platform, and you’re only charged a booking fee when you book expertise you’re happy with.

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs:

  • Billable time spent sourcing capabilities
  • Excess onboarding time and effort
  • Project management overheads

Snapshot of posted opportunities on Bench

From simple requirements to more complex statements of work – the Bench platform allows you to tap into an ecosystem of services providers and partners so you always deliver results for your clients.


Rack & Stack & Cabling

Project Value: USD Millions
Time to first offer: 30min


Mural Project

Project Value: USD Thousands
Time to first offer: 45min


Juniper Firewall Migration

Project Value: USD tens of thousands
Time to first offer: 1hr 55min



Project Value: USD Thousands
Time to first offer: 12min


VAPT Telecommunications

Project Value: USD tens of thousands
Time to first offer: 8hr


Media Executive

Project Value: USD thousands
Time to first offer: 43min

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be set up on a Bench platform?

Just your full name, the name of your company, your website, your email address and a phone number.

There are no fees for accessing the Bench platform. Once you receive your invitation to join, simply activate your account and start posting as many opportunities as you want free of charge until you find the supplier you want.

What if no one matches my requirements?

Bench’s matching algorithm ranges from 50% to 100%, giving you broader supplier matching possibilities. If the project requirements are unique and leads to no matches, the team in charge on your platform will reach out and help you connect with the right suppliers directly.