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Community Support:

Free use of Bench’s paid features to keep work flowing to your employees

We are in unprecedented times.

As more and more businesses are mandated to have their employees working from home in response to the spread of COVID-19, we’re seeing a massive disruption to workflow.

The current environment has amplified how inefficient the way in which we connect, engage and communicate with our customers, partners, suppliers is, and businesses are grappling with how best to keep work flowing to their teams, and empower them to support their families and loved ones.

We want to help

Right now, it’s important that we help support you through these trying times. Coming together as a community will open avenues for supply and demand of work, minimise the disruption for your business and employees, and ensure they can continue to work, earn a steady income, and have some normality and certainty.

How Bench can support you

Bench is a global enablement platform designed to empower our channel community to operate and excel in these challenging times. We do so by linking up vendors, IT service partners, distributors, suppliers and contractors in a virtual ecosystem, enabling businesses to:

  • Tap into trusted networks and ecosystems of workers regardless of where they are.
  • Share and find new business opportunities for your existing teams – a virtual handshake to grow new and existing revenue streams.
  • Scale on demand by tapping into a network of highly skilled workers – available to work remotely.

Our offer

We would like to provide FREE ongoing access to our paid features so that your business can:

  • Use Bench for your current employees, regardless of where they are based
  • Receive more project opportunities through Bench

Use Bench for your current employees for free

At no cost, you can now use the Bench Marketplace to effectively manage the availability and distribution of projects with all of your employees regardless of their location.

You can now get free access to the following features on Bench:

  • Unlimited number of full time employee users (Manager & Engineers)
    to get your whole team on board
  • Automated matching of project requirements to employee’s profiles
    to fast-track sourcing opportunities & team engagement
  • Nomination of availability by employees and/or their manager
    to maximise employee utilisation
  • In-app communication tools (calls, video, chats)
    to enable efficiency for remote teams
  • Onboarding packs
    to get projects and teams up and running quickly
  • Reports on activity & employees utilisation
    to enable performance tracking remotely

With your remote employees on Bench, it should only take a matter of minutes to find out which of your employees have the skills & availability to work on projects you have for T&M and/or statement of work.

We can help you set up your teams of remote workers, regardless of where they are based.

Receive more project opportunities for free

For businesses that need more work, you can now make your employees’ capabilities available to the Bench Network at no cost. Receive more business opportunities from others within the network that need to scale on demand.

If your employees’ skills match opportunities on the Bench Network, you can put them forward at a rate you determine.

You can now get free access to the following features on Bench:

  • Unlimited access to new opportunities matching your capabilities
    to enable new streams of revenue
  • Company profile
    to showcase your business offering
  • Account Manager access
    to respond to new opportunities and decide your engineers’ charge out rate 
  • In-app communication tools (calls, video, chats)
    to enable transparent & direct relationship with the Hiring Managers
  • Financial reports & booking calendar
    for easier forecasting and management

What do I need to do?

  1. Fill in the contact form and you’ll receive an invitation email to log in
  2. Complete your company profile
  3. Onboard your employees
  4. Broadcast existing projects and book employees
  5. Start receiving new opportunities
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bench replace?

When used for the booking of your own employees, Bench replaces inefficient processes such as emails & spreadsheets. It is often seen as a ‘valuable colleague’ that knows where available resources are, what capabilities they have, how employees are utilised and does the admin work of getting the right team, at the right time on projects.

What remote workers can I have access to on Bench?

A community of 8,400+ remote workers, contractors & suppliers in APAC, to quickly scale on demand at low cost with in-app communication tools. The Bench Community currently specialises in Network Engineering, Systems Engineering, Cloud Computing, End-user Computing, Automation & DevOps, Cyber Security, Database Design & Administration, Application Development, Business Intelligence & Data, Technical Support, IT Strategy & Management, Project Planning & Delivery.

How does receiving opportunities from the Bench network work?

Activate your account & invite your users →

It only takes a few minutes to get your profile live and add your employee profiles/capabilities.

Receive opportunities →

Bench automatically matches your capabilities with projects, alerting you with new opportunities.

Start making offers →

Review opportunities and make offers to hiring managers with your preferred rates/price, statement of work and availability.

Get booked →

Hiring managers review your offers, engage directly with you and the booking process is entirely managed on Bench.

Effective management

Once booked, Bench simplifies onboarding, progress payments, and gives you with real-time updates.

Learn more here.

How does broadcasting opportunities from the Bench network work?

Broadcast opportunities →

Managers send project opportunities to their teams.

Receive availability →

Automated matching of projects and capabilities allows employees to share availabilities.

Engage, and book →

Managers can seamlessly look at chat and video call functionality, and assign work all through the platform.

End-to-end management →

Stay on top of all bookings with onboarding packs, real-time notifications and streamlined, transparent communication.

Track performance

Reporting features let you track utilisation and activity.

How do you manage privacy & conflict of interest?

Employees are only visible to their managers. Only the people you nominate as Account Managers will be made visible to Hiring Managers on the Bench network once they have matched to opportunities. If you do not want to be matched to specific companies on the Network, we can place them on your blacklist. Conversely, if Hiring Managers see any conflict of interest with your business they will take you off their list.

When does Bench become a paid service?

  1. If you upgrade to your own white labelled marketplace, you will incur a fee to get your private Bench marketplace and have access to your entire Ecosystem.
  2. If you decide to book people that are outside of your internal employees, such as your contractors and your suppliers, you will incur a fee.
  3. If you book capabilities from contractors & suppliers on the Bench Network, you will incur a fee.

Talk to the Bench team if you want to discuss access to your white-labelled Bench Marketplace, or learn more here.

Who already uses the Bench platform?

Services partners, distributors, vendors, contractors and 3rd party suppliers across ANZ, Asia, Europe & Middle East.

Who will pay my invoices when getting work from clients on the Bench network?

You continue invoicing clients the way you currently have. The platform makes it easy by providing you with Account Statements which you can download and share with your Finance team when invoices need to be sent for services provided.

Learn more here.