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Leverage 10+ years of successful software development project delivery – Geekseat is now on Bench

We’ve recently been in conversations with the fantastic team at Geekseat, and we’re excited to announce they are now on Bench – bringing a whole range of capabilities and opportunity for business for our network.

Who is Geekseat?

Geekseat is a multinational software development company, bringing remotely accessible extensive expertise and experience, best practice and on-time delivery to provide functional and seamless software solutions.

Quick facts:

  • They hold over 10+ years of successful project delivery experience, with satisfied clients such as Sharing Minds, Mediasphere, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Container Chain and Plutus.
  • They offer solutions ranging from DevOps, ERP/CRM Implementation and Integration, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Technical Documentation, Networking infrastructure, Security, Cloud services, Unified communications, and Modern workplace and business solutions.
  • Their management team is based in Australia (Brisbane), and they have flexible and agile teams of software developers in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, USA, Japan, Singapore and United Kingdom. Geekseat employees operate in the clients time zone.

Geekseat capabilities now accessible on Bench

With our newly formed partnership, Bench clients can now extend their service offering with the below Geekseat capabilities, and easily book in skills needed when software solutions projects are taken on.

Software Developers as a Service (SDaaS)

Geekseat de-risks dealing with fluctuations in workflow and demand by providing a fully scalable service with a depth of skills you wouldn’t be able to replicate by using permanent staff. They take responsibility for your team, dealing with leave, tax, insurances and other legal obligations.

Software Development

Geekseat offer a flexible approach to software development, recommending appropriate methodology to suit the project – from agile software development to waterfall to scrum.

Project Management

Geekseat Project Managers can take charge of your entire project, manage their team and yours, from inception to care and maintenance. Their experienced leaders are used to handling multiple projects and teams across a range of industries, and can work with you on the entire journey, or step in to an existing project at any stage.


Geekseat DevOps engineers can plan, architect, build and maintain simple to complex hardware and software infrastructure systems. The company’s corporate focus on the latest technology means that they are at the forefront of what is currently available in the marketplace, and can build and maintain robust and reliable systems which form the core of your operations.

Business Analysis

Geekseat Business Analysts ensure that your software solution does what you expect it to do. This includes establishing project requirements with key stakeholders, analysis of business and workflow, recommending best practice solutions, scoping project requirements, and a whole lot more.

Quality Assurance

Geekseat’s Quality Assurance team will allow you to deliver a product beyond expectations. Utilising formal testing protocols, Geekseat offer manual and automated testing solutions, including integration into your documentation or operation system.

Technical Documentation

Geekseat’s Technical Writers enable you to protect your Intellectual Property as it transfers personal individual held knowledge into readily available, valuable intellectual property.

Bringing together more than just capabilities

For those that are unfamiliar with the Bench platform, we encourage you to think of Bench as a ‘virtual handshake’ with businesses we trust.

Our technology has intentionally created an ecosystem of vendors, distributors, partners, suppliers and contractors – allowing businesses to collaborate with one another on available resources, share skills, co-evolve and drive new creative and innovative solutions.

The features that enable this ecosystem include:

  • Automated matching of opportunities with suppliers, contractors and employees
  • Instant offers with real-time market rates from available resources
  • Real-time notifications, in-app live chat and video call functionality
  • Streamlined onboarding packs, and management & payroll features
  • Financial & utilisation reporting, and more

You can learn more about Bench here.

With the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a greater need for the IT Services community to band together to minimise the impact on individual businesses, and on the sector as a whole. Therefore, trust and confidence in the businesses you work with is vital, and we take extensive care in onboarding the businesses on Bench so that you can bypass the due diligence and get to the work. We are excited to have Geekseat on Bench, enabling you to work with their experienced teams.

Add Geekseat to your Bench

Simply switch on Geekseat capabilities and start booking skills you need across current and new projects.

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