Get Started: Build your Bench

5 Steps to Building your Bench

Your journey with Bench starts here.
On this page we take you through the steps involved to help you smoothly achieve your goals towards
a better, faster way to deliver services, projects and talent within your own Digital Ecosystem.

Step 1. Preparation

We’ll start by asking you a few questions to make sure the set up of your platform is customised to your needs, that your objectives are met and the admin stuff is taken care of.

What’s on the Agenda?
Once we’ve got all we need, we’ll meet for a 30min discovery chat so your team of ‘Super Users’ and our Product Specialists can go through what is required for a successful launch of your platform.

Step 2. Set Up

The magic starts to happen!

Make sure you have provided everything the Bench team needs so they can build your very own Bench in no time!

What you’ll get
We’ll first create your demo platform, so you can train and undertake demos in an environment where you don’t have to worry about breaking things.

Step 3. Training

Get your hands on the tool!

What you’ll learn
A Bench team member will take you through the main features of the platform so you can start playing with the tool, go through your real life scenarios and see the journey for each user type.

We also provide guides, videos and unlimited training sessions so you are confident to get it right at Go Live.
We’ll take the time to discuss with you best practises for user onboarding and share templates and examples of comms, landing pages etc. Our team can also be consulted for any marketing, sales and creatives you want to develop.

PS: If you’re a Slack addict like us, we set up a private channel for quick Q&As.

Step 4. Onboarding & Go Live

It’s the big day!

At this stage you and your team are ready to onboard new users and start sending opportunities! (But don’t worry our Team always does final checks with you before firing away).

Reach higher
It’s the time to let the world know about it too – so comms and campaign should be launched at about the same time.

Step 5. Monitoring & Support

Keeping the good work coming!

Don’t hesitate to do a bit of hand holding for new users as they discover the platform. Then keep the engagements going with your community inside and outside your Bench! (Newsletter, Case studies, Referrals etc)

What we do
We first make sure you’re in full control.
Regular meetings can be held with the Bench team, to help you make the most out of the platform. They’ll take the time to look at how you can make your platform work even more efficiently to suit your needs, give you recommendations based on platform analytics and help you identify new opportunities for your ecosystem.

Need Help?

Talk to a member of our Support Team.

Get to know the Bench platform

Our technology streamlines and super-charges the process of managing your partners, suppliers, customers and employees, and awarding services projects.

Matching – Our algorithms work to match suppliers to your requirements, giving opportunity owners and managers a real-time list of potential matches.

Expertise Engine – Use our advanced Expertise engine to define services requests and crowd-source suppliers.

% Scoring – Potential matches are ordered by % scoring for their overall Expertise, with an option to view detailed scoring for individual requirements.

The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings will be the ability for our partners to scale out by leveraging a global marketplace of technical experts around chosen technologies or industry-leading vendors through Westcon-Comstor.

This level of access, and the speed in which partners can utilise these technical capabilities without those resources sitting on their books will be a game-changer for partners.

Phil Cameron
Managing Director