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How a remote working strategy can see your business through COVID-19

ANZ, ASIA, Europe and US are now all affected by COVID-19. It won’t be news to you that COVID-19 is having a heavy impact on not only the global economy, but also impacting individual businesses worldwide.

It has also led to the cancellation of some of the most prestigious  IT events in the global calendar, including Barcelona Mobile World Congress, Cisco Live in Melbourne, Google i/o in California, AWS Summit in Sydney along with many more…

The Bench Team has been talking with its customers and suppliers to try to understand how all this uncertainty is actually impacting them… Some of the feedback we’ve been receiving is that depending on how affected the region is that there have been significant drops in requests for professional services from partners & end-users. Suppliers and their engineers are reluctant to be on-site to avoid the risk of contracting the virus… It begs the question, what options do you and your business have to keep revenue flowing without cutting jobs while the virus keeps spreading?

The solution that most businesses are getting behind is getting workers to stay and work from home. Professor Dalton a public health physician and clinical epidemiologist at the University of Newcastle, has outlined measures a business can take to reduce social contact in the workplace, including, making video-conferencing the “default for meetings” and avoiding crowds through rescheduling, staggering and cancelling group events. Professor Dalton also states that, “Staff with ill household contacts should stay at home … [All staff should] work from home where possible and consider staggering of staff where there is no loss of productivity from remote work. (see full SMH article here)

Remote working has been trending up in recent years… more for flexibility than for health reasons. But why not take the opportunity in the current landscape to accelerate the pace of empowering remote teams to deliver projects for your customers?

Stop losing revenue – Go remote!

Remote team management is made easy by more and more technologies. Think Zoom for video conferencing or Slack for instant messaging, and now Bench to source, build and assign remote teams to projects!

Bench gives Hiring Managers, Project Managers, Services Delivery teams a tool to source, identify and engage with their employees, contractors and suppliers to deliver on professional services…

At Bench there are more than 2,240 individual workers ready to take on projects they can do from home, and more than 90 suppliers also providing remote capabilities. 

How do I get my business ready for more remote projects?

1: Consider delaying on-site projects in place of off-site projects such as cloud computing, 5g transformation projects, cyber security and AI!

Work with your customers to delay projects where on-site engineers are required. Instead, work with them on digital transformation projects where you can deliver remotely. Take this as a ‘golden buying opportunity’ in the technology sector.

Own the technology trend! Empower your sales team to offer products and services they can deliver now! Cloud computing, 5g transformation projects, cyber security and AI! Help your customers with the necessary telecommunications systems to connect remotely, accompany healthcare structures to set video consultation systems… there is plenty still to do in the IT space!

Vendors love hearing about these initiatives, and have themselves been working on empowering remote engineers for many years now, so they have mediums in place to support the shift in the industry.

2: Identify remote workers within your organisation

Gather your teams from senior management, to operations and key external stakeholders to put in place processes for remote working. Consider how this may also impact future hires.

The first step is to identify all of your workers and their ability to deliver remotely –
When working remotely, it’s important that you have people that are autonomous, proactive and motivated. You won’t be able to ‘babysit’ the remote teams, so as a project manager look for individuals and suppliers that have proven delivery. Our friends at Atlassian have done a great job in managing remote teams and they give newly remote teams 5 tips to quickly ramp up on remote work in a hurry. See their helpful blog post here.

3: Access and build your trusted network of remote workers

Don’t worry about keeping a spreadsheet up to date as to who says they can do what, who are keen to work remotely, which skills they have… Bench allows you to load your employees, your managers, your contractors, your suppliers and assign skills to them, preferred locations of work and whether remote working is an option.

Forget about spreadsheets, our tech quickly identifies & notifies available workers with ease giving you the ability to share information on new projects seamlessly.

You also get access to the Bench network of remote workers, a great opportunity to bring in skills that might be hard to find in your location…

4: Match requirements to workers quickly & easily

  1. Once you’ve got your scope of work ready, jump on your Bench marketplace (don’t have one yet? Get started here) and reach out to remote workers inside your organisation and others on the trusted Bench Network.
    Tips: Be as clear as possible on the scope of work and expected outcomes
  2. Once Bench matches your needs to the best resources, managers can assign work to their team and to suppliers & contractors. Going beyond cities, regions, even country barriers – there’s no such thing as a disconnected team on Bench!
    Travels or meetings to get a project kicked off or to create new relationships are no longer mandatory, it’s more of a ‘virtual handshake’ between organisations on the Bench Network.
  3. Through Bench marketplaces, you get access to tools such as live chat and video call so you can interview resources to make sure they are the right fit – removing the need to meet face to face while still getting a feel for your next prospective hire.
  4. Onboard team seamlessly via the platform too!

Start building your remote teams

Reach out to the Bench Team to start building your remote IT services Ecosystem.

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