Power up your business

Bench gives your teams, supplier and partner networks a single source of truth, real-time collaboration and powerful insights, to drive ICT services opportunities and win services deals.

Power up your business

Bench gives your teams and supplier networks a single source of truth, real-time collaboration and powerful insights, to drive ICT services opportunities and win services deals.

How it works

Supporting services
sales pipelines

Receive & Manage Opportunities
Receive opportunities from customers and quickly determine whether you can deliver using your market insights dashboard. The EOI, T&M, SOW builder helps you quickly notify suppliers/partners of opportunities, all at once, matching your request for capabilities, expertise and location with ‘best fit’ suppliers/partners.
Shape Solution
Engage internal and supplier/partner teams early in the sales cycle to help shape solutions using the platform's collaborative workflows. A single pane of glass to view bids and offers ranked by capability strength and performance ratings. Teams can now shape solutions backed by market driven pricing, availability and up to date supplier/partner data.
Propose Solutions & Close Deals
Guide conversations with customers and suppliers/partners backed by market data and intelligence to get the deal over the line. Lock in best-fit suppliers/partners, agreed deliverables and billing information in readiness for project kick off.
Retain, Grow & Develop
Gain visibility across your entire sales operations and access to real time services sales data. Proactively engage with customers and prospects to share valuable market insights, your services sales track record the capabilities you can offer and explore how you can partner to solve their challenges.

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Features built for ICT Businesses

Market Insights

Aggregated customer, supplier, partner, expertise and market rate data all in one place

Reporting from across your network

Performance reports on opportunity pipelines, customers, vendors, suppliers & teams

Autopilot For Opportunity Pipelines

Every interaction by your internal, supplier and partner teams dynamically captured in real time to automatically progress opportunities through your pipelines

Dynamic ‘Expertise’ Catalogue

A dynamically evolving expertise catalogue based on customer demand and supplier/partner capabilities

Collaborative Workflows

Intelligent workflows to help capture and shape your EOI, SoW and T&M requirements

‘One to Many’ matching, bidding and ranking engine

A single click sends your opportunity to multiple matched and ranked suppliers ready to bid

Leader Boards

Understand which customers, requesters, suppliers, partners, expertise, and vendors are the most valuable and active at each stage of your sales pipeline

Supply & Demand Mapping

Flag competency gaps and identify excess services capacity from across your entire network


A forward looking timeline view of upcoming opportunities by status to keep on top of project kick offs and critical milestones

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