Meet Andrew Bateman

Meet Andrew Bateman


Andrew’s role at Bench

Andrew (also known as ‘Yoda’) is the man behind the Bench tech 🙌 From design, to implementation, testing, UX/UI, database management – Andrew has built the Bench product into the powerful tool it is today. Able to think outside the box, and being detail-oriented and creative, Andrew has brought simplicity to complex workflows and intuition to a user-centric interface.

His experience comes from

Delivering technology solutions for major brands including Red Bull, Virgin Mobile, General Electric, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Toyota, as well as startups such as Nvoi, and QVIVO.

If he wasn’t so d*mn good at his job, he would be…

A famous guitarist 🎸(or Yoda)

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What colleagues say about Andrew

“He’s a true artist with what he does with Bench.”

“Andrew is a rare find and brings a creative flare to an otherwise techy role!”

“He always has the answer – it’s like we have our very own Google.”

“‘Impossible’ isn’t a word in Andrew’s vocabulary! He finds a solution for every scenario you raise with him.”

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