Meet Peter Murray

Meet Peter Murray

Head of Solutions and Services, APAC

Peter’s role at Bench

Peter is a strategic asset for Bench’s customers in APAC. His knowledge of services resource & services management gives him the ability to help businesses grow their professional services revenue by creating and building new opportunities and by quickly identifying resource needs inside and outside of their business.

His experience comes from

25 years in the IT Industry working across service delivery and resource management for companies such as IBM and Hitachi.

If he wasn’t so d*mn good at his job, he would be…

A ranger on the Maasai Mara.

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What colleagues say about Peter

“An original thinker, Peter can sense opportunities that remain hidden to mere mortals.”

“He has the ability to see through the noise with a keen sense of clarity”

“His knowledge of the industry, which he generously shares with the team without an ounce of ego. Peter is always keen to help!”

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