Meet Sukhi Bhullar

Meet Sukhi Bhullar

CEO & Founder

Sukhi’s role at Bench

Sukhi founded & has grown Bench over the past 4 years from its humble Australian beginnings to a global force. Finding strategic partnerships & valuable customers while bringing his ambitious vision to the company, Sukhi fearlessly leads the Bench pack, and works hard to bring more efficiency and ease for businesses to access talent on demand.

His experience comes from

Successfully leading and building Mindworx for 17 years, a specialist provider of cloud & infrastructure contractors through which he received accolades from BRW Fast 100 and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year program.

If he wasn’t so d*mn good at his job, he would be…

Travelling around the world looking for new adventures 🌎

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What colleagues say about Sukhi

“He’s always thinking two moves ahead, and has great foresight for the industry, inspiring the rest of the team to follow him into the future.”

“He has an entrepreneurial approach to what he does (naturally), is excited by challenges and loves change.”

“His leadership skills are second to none, and he has control of the situation no matter what, while being truly genuine & friendly to everyone that surrounds him.”

At Bench, our mission is to empower the IT services industry players to match demand with supply, access opportunities, and grow revenue effortlessly. Learn more about Bench here.