New capabilities on Bench – July 2020 Update

We start the new financial year with some exciting updates! Our new Bench release brings to you a game-changing search engine and percent match scoring. And with our new partnership with Cyber Market Hub, you can now book world leading cybersecurity services on Bench. Read on to learn more…

Announcing Bench 5.0:
Next-Gen Expertise Search Engine with Percent Match Scoring

You might have noticed a new search functionality called ‘Expertise’ on Bench. This is all thanks to our latest release, which introduces an algorithm-powered search engine we call Expertise Search. No more scrolling through hundreds of skills to find the capabilities you’re after. When broadcasting opportunities, you simply work through six categories:

  • Areas of specialisation (i.e Security)
  • Vendors, tech & product worked with (i.e Cisco ACI)
  • Skills and services offered (i.e Data Centre Migration)
  • Certifications completed (i.e CCNA)
  • Industry experience (i.e Banking)
  • Personal qualities (i.e Leadership)

Hiring managers can further input the Level of Expertise needed for each search attribute, as well as whether it is Essential or Desirable.

As a result, all matched resources are assigned a Percent Match Score, allowing hiring managers to make a well-informed decision on how to move forward.

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Book world leading cybersecurity services with Cyber Market Hub

Our new partnership with Cyber Market Hub brings you trusted cybersecurity partners, to safeguard your critical data and intellectual property. Currently, Cyber Market Hub operates in the APAC region, with plans to extend their services worldwide.

You can now use, at scale, the following services directly on Bench: 

  • Audit & Compliance
  • OT & ICS Security
  • Security Testing
  • Design & Architecture Security
  • Risk Control
  • Security Management
  • Cloud Security Management
  • Managed Security Services
  • Project Management for Cyber Security

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