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‘Old’ or ‘experienced’? How PrimeL addresses the IT skills shortage with mature workers

With the IT sector facing ageism, many mature, mid-level and senior IT professionals are being turned down from employment opportunities.

    “You’re a little bit too old”
    “We want someone younger”
    “You’re too expensive given your experience”

      These are typically the statements received by those seen as industry dinosaurs who are too rigid, too expensive and out of touch with current trends. Unfortunately in doing so, the IT sector is increasingly fueling two problems; mature 50yrs+ IT professionals are unable to get work, while businesses continue to face a skills shortage.

    Putting out both fires at once

    Having faced the same age discrimination from 20-something recruiters who wanted tech professionals with experience but didn’t want to hire “old” people, Grant Ure (former CIO) and Richard Jones (former CTO) built PrimeL to help skilled mature workers in gaining re-employment in the field and boost the IT workforce to reduce the skills gap.

      “Prime, because you’re in the prime of your life, and L, being the Roman numeral for 50,” Jones explained.

        They could see the waste in letting the self proclaimed ‘oldies’ simply sit on the sidelines while businesses in need of highly skilled, experienced and enthusiastic professionals were screaming out for help.

          As a result, PrimeL works closely with older IT professionals to assess and re-tool them to ensure they are industry relevant. Along with this, they are knocking down barriers to entry faced by these individuals, and as part of this initiative, they’ve partnered with Bench to introduce their technology to older IT professionals.

          PrimeL and Bench – a match made in IT heaven 

          Managing the end-to-end process of putting forward skilled professionals through to an extended network of clients, the PrimeL Bench partnership will team up these underutilised and experienced workforce of CTOs and CIOs, with a new-age tech platform that manages the end-to-end process of connecting opportunities with professionals.

            For businesses in the IT sector, this is the answer to your skills shortage. Having access to PrimeL Bench will give you an army of professional consultants across cloud systems, infrastructure, network and comms technologies, and much more, right at your fingertips. See the full list of capabilities below and request your invite us or directly request your invite to enjoy the benefits of the partnership.

              ADD TO MY BENCH
              Not on Bench yet? Get your invite.

                For mature workers on Bench looking for opportunities, get in touch with us and we’ll invite you to the PrimeL Bench. You can then receive the benefits of the partnership, and easily put yourself forward for work coming from businesses looking for your skillset. You’ll only be matched with opportunities and projects based on your skill set and preferred location of work.

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                  Capabilities available on the PrimeL Bench:

                  • Develop Road Maps and Strategy Papers
                  • Digital Transformation
                  • Data Science and Analytics
                  • Application Development and Operations
                  • Architecture
                  • Infrastructure, Service management and Operations
                  • Security and Compliance
                  • Program/Project Management
                  • Benchmarking, Vendor management and Negotiation
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