The Bench Platform

The Bench Platform

We are a Digital Ecosystems Enablement Platform.

We live in an age of democratisation. We help you bring your networks together into a digitally accessible ecosystem, so you and your partners can more readily transact services, deliver outcomes and create value for all. Efficiently, at scale.

Trust is at the core of our product.

How Bench works


Invite and onboard your partners, suppliers, customers and employees, and set the rules of engagement.


Project and services opportunities are broadcast and matched with suppliers, employees and external resources e.g. contractors.


Engagement, negotiation and booking – all take place directly on the platform.


Review performance when projects end, foster trust and deepen relationships.

Key Features

Our technology streamlines and super-charges the process of managing your partners, suppliers, customers and employees, and awarding services projects.


Our algorithms work to match suppliers to your requirements, giving opportunity owners and managers a real-time list of potential matches.

Expertise Engine

Use our advanced Expertise engine to define services requests and crowd-source suppliers.

% Scoring

Potential matches are ordered by % scoring for their overall Expertise, with an option to view detailed scoring for individual requirements.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time notifications for opportunities & bookings make sure everyone stays up-to-date.

Bidding System

Set your budget or leave it blank to let the market decide, and start receiving bids from multiple suppliers.

Instant Engagement

Easily communicate with potential matches and booked suppliers via in-app video, chat and meeting tools.


Opportunity owners post scope of works, match, shortlist, and award the project or service to the best supplier.

Streamlined Communication

Once a supplier is booked, our streamlined process helps you exchange contracts, set payment milestones, send onboarding packs and more.

Onboarding made easy

New managers, resources and organisations can join your ecosystem in no time. Once partners invite their networks, it only take 3 minutes to set up their profiles and start using Bench.

Accounts Overview

Easy access of financial data for all participants to proceed with invoicing and remittances. Real-time view on expenditure, income and revenue generated for each ecosystem participant.


Customise the URL, name and skin of the platform, and have your brand and business at the forefront of the ecosystem.

Privacy and Control

We take privacy very seriously. Data you and your ecosystem participants shared with us is strictly managed so there is no unauthorised access.

How we enable ecosystems

As a Digital Ecosystems Enablement Platform – or DEEP Tech – our features are organised around five key benefits or ‘DEEP layers’.


Untangle your fragmented network of trusted suppliers by bringing them together on your Bench platform.

Analyse and consolidate your current business. The Bench platform enables you to identify and invite the various stakeholders into your ecosystem, and get a wholistic view of where you play, who your partners and customers are, the value propositions they deliver, and where your threats and opportunities lie.


Invite partners to consolidate their own networks using Bench.

With a simple onboarding process, all trusted members can join your ecosystem in no time. Once partners invite their networks, it only take 3 minutes for new managers, resources and organisations to set up their profiles and start using the Bench platform.


Bench brings everyone together, but you get to set the rules.

The Bench platform gives you better governance. Set your preferences for how organisations connect with each other inside and outside your ecosystem, and our algorithm will take care of the rest to enable old and new partnerships to form.


Set booking fees based on transaction value, engagement types and more.

The Bench platform lets you decide on the best monetisation strategy for your business – and the ecosystem. Incentivise every organisation and member of the ecosystem to receive financial benefits.


Open up doors for your business to create new collaborative offerings and services.

The Bench platform is used by multiple businesses around the world to manage their digital ecosystems. Connecting with them and their networks is as simple as flicking a toggle on the platform.

Broaden your supplier base regardless of location, enable cross-industry collaboration, and generate new services and solutions – the sky is the limit!

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