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Democratizing the way art projects and services are sourced and delivered



Exhibitions, events and businesses have had a difficult time sourcing and engaging with talented artists to make their projects come to life. Typically finding the right artist has relied on asking your network and your network’s networks.

There is often limited reach to qualified artists with the specific experience and skills being sought after. And when artists are available, the cumbersome procurement and bidding process can often cause delay and disruptions.

Bench Founder

Bench Tech connects artists with project opportunities all around the world

Our Arts digital ecosystem is changing the way artists engage with businesses, communities and events.

Access to artists globally ready to work

There are already thousands of artists – painters, musicians, designers, etc – on the network, along with multiple underlying projects and partnerships just waiting to be picked up. All artists are invited by experts so the artist ecosystem remains credible at all times.

Artists are better connected to the industry

Communities can invite artists they know or artists can refer others in the industry directly on the platform. Every artist on the network has a profile showcasing their skills, resume, portfolio of 5-10 examples of experience and past works, and any awards and recognition, which enables project owners to actively reach out to suitable artists.

Advanced search and match scoring ensure great fit

Bench’s advanced search engine enables businesses and communities to manage the otherwise cumbersome procurement and bidding process. Artists and projects can be found based on their requirements and location preferences, with % Matching and Scoring to ensure a perfect fit between projects and artists.

Easy engagement with booked artists on single or collaborative projects

Bench has a streamlined process for both project owner and artist to negotiate and commence work. Collaboration can take place with multiple artists, and communication is free-flowing between all engaged parties with the platform’s chat and video features.

Better visibility on arts services spend and consolidated billing

Once artists are engaged, project owners can have more streamlined visibility on art services spend and consolidated billing.

New monetisation opportunities

Artists and their communities that link up projects with suitable matches can create revenue streams for themselves through service delivery and new partnerships on the platform.

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With tools to make your services orchestration and delivery seamless, and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

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Every party benefits from using Bench


Artists get access to projects and collaboration opportunities they would never have heard of before, as well as an easy and simple process to pitch for work.

Artist Communities

Communities can more easily find projects for their artists and monetise their talent, bringing more revenue to the community, and in some cases allowing its development beyond geographical boundaries.

Businesses and Event Organisers

They gain access to booking trusted artists and can evaluate their fit for projects by reviewing profiles, past experience and works, and directly engaging with them through the platform.

The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings will be the ability for our partners to scale out by leveraging a global marketplace of technical experts around chosen technologies or industry-leading vendors through Westcon-Comstor.

This level of access, and the speed in which partners can utilise these technical capabilities without those resources sitting on their books will be a game-changer for partners.

Phil Cameron
Managing Director

Bench ‘Expertise’ Catalogue

With the Arts Ecosystem already on Bench, our catalog of available artists include:

Fine Art: Photography, Painting, 3D
Public Art: Outdoor Murals, Indoor Murals, Sculptures
Music & Audio: Music production, Mixing and mastering, DJs, Production, Musical performance
Graphic Design: Illustration, Animation
Performance Art: Theatrical Performance, Acting
Fashion: Designers, Modeling, Cosmetics

Start growing with Bench today

With tools to make your services orchestration and delivery seamless, and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

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