Use Case: Marketing


Orchestrating shared services and maximising employee utilisation within a network of marketing agencies, suppliers and contractors.



Agency life has always been demand-driven, with ebbs and flows of work coming in resulting in the ongoing challenge of managing agency resources.

There are times when an agency takes on projects that drive it to full capacity, sometimes bringing the additional need to scale and partner up with affiliate agencies and onboard independent contractors to keep up. And as projects come to completion, this can then quickly be followed by periods of low demand, where even their own teams are twiddling thumbs looking for work to be done.

Traditional agency behaviour has led to three big challenges:
  • Spending time and effort maintaining and communicating with a revolving book of contractors when demand picks up beyond their capacity to deliver.
  • Large costs of scaling their team on demand and sourcing talent that fits the requirements.
  • Wasted employee talent when demand for their particular expertise and skills is low.

This turbulent wave has been exacerbated by the increase in the number of marketing agencies over the past decade, resulting in increased competition.

Instead of competing for work against other agencies, the industry is increasingly seeing agencies work in tandem to tackle demand fluctuations and increase their overall employee utilisation. By enabling a network where multiple agencies, suppliers and contractors can form alliances and enable sharing of talent, agencies are able to manage demand and maximise resource use and revenue.

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Using Bench to manage shared talent across an ‘ecosystem’

Agencies that onboard their teams, customers, and affiliated agency networks to Bench create an ecosystem where all stakeholders can follow and match supply and demand with much more agility.

Easier fulfilment of projects and tasks

Customer requirements come directly through the platform, making it easy for agencies to allocate resources to fulfil demand. The nature of the platform allows customers and affiliated agencies to treat all talent in the network as an extension of their employees, and the ease of use and smaller transaction cost allows smaller tasks to return to agencies rather than being managed in-house by customers.

Better visibility on available expertise

Talent in the team that isn’t being utilised is quickly visible and can be put forward to the network of customers and affiliated agencies to help manage their demand. In the same manner, when demand is high, the team scales through access to other agencies’ ecosystems while keeping costs low and reducing overheads. Talent simply flows where demand is, and this ensures a win for all involved.

Preferences are specific to each agency

Agencies operate independently, setting their own rules for the way their agency runs, and making avail their expertise and demand to other agencies when the need rises. They can easily set charge out rates for seconded employees and availability.

New monetisation opportunities

When agencies choose to simply connect a customer with an affiliate agency where there is a project-resource match, they can choose to capture a booking fee for their role as ‘middle men’, enabling a new revenue stream for themselves while providing work for the broader industry.

How the ecosystem members benefit from using Bench


By building an ecosystem that offers a broader talent supply, consisting of their teams as well as affiliate agencies, agencies have a stronger sales pitch. They can provide customers the ability to cover multiple aspects of their needs in one place.


Under one ecosystem, they can tap into the expertise of multiple agencies without the complexity of sourcing from and managing multiple pathways and platforms. Large projects are easily split into smaller Scopes of Works and assigned to the relevant agency resources.


Demand and employee management is made effortless, with reduced overheads and increased utilisation of employees, as managers get visibility on internal resources and trusted suppliers and contractors, and better access to projects from customers and affiliate agencies, all on the platform.

Employees & Contractors

Talent doesn’t go wasted, as agency employees and independent contractors get to work on multiple projects, with multiple clients, reducing inactivity and boredom that typically results when demand is low, as well as providing the benefit of a steady income for contractors.

The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings will be the ability for our partners to scale out by leveraging a global marketplace of technical experts around chosen technologies or industry-leading vendors through Westcon-Comstor.

This level of access, and the speed in which partners can utilise these technical capabilities without those resources sitting on their books will be a game-changer for partners.

Phil Cameron
Managing Director

Bench ‘Expertise’ Catalogue

With businesses already using Bench, our catalog of available agency resources ready for you to book include:

  • Advertising & Media
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Public Relations
  • Web Design

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With tools to make your services orchestration and delivery seamless, and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

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