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The recruitment industry shifted a few years ago, when talent pools stopped being ‘private’ and were made accessible on job board sites. The emergence of these sites brought about what was perceived to be a cost-effective method to sourcing an unlimited number of resumes, reducing recruitment spend from thousands of dollars to a few hundreds.

However, while recruitment spend lowered, the time now required by businesses to sift through hundreds of resumes and find the right candidates – without any of the processes, filters and intel commonplace in staffing agencies – led to hours of unnecessary work.

‘Cheap but tedious’ or ‘expensive but time-saving’?

Businesses looking for talent have since had to make a choice between two – the cost-effective job boards that demand more time investment, or the involvement of a staffing agency for sourcing speed and quality but at a higher price.

In recent years however, staffing agencies have used smart technology like Bench to disrupt the recruitment models and offer the best of both worlds – offering clients quality candidates while saving them time and money, all the while automating laborious administrative tasks to achieve this.

Staffing businesses use Bench to deliver greater outcomes

Staffing and recruitment agencies are uploading their databases of trusted candidates (i.e. contractors, full time job seekers and suppliers) which they have previously curated and vetted. Proof of their experience is added onto their profile directly on Bench – this includes references, portfolio, introduction videos, resume, amongst other items.

Candidates and agencies both have access to update profiles at ease, allowing staffing agencies to keep their database up to date and engaging with existing candidates through the in-app communication tools – no more hassles with having to manage a static ATS or spreadsheets.

Clients save time and money while maintaining quality

Staffing business’s clients are invited onto Bench and experience autonomy like never before – they can post jobs and requirements to the trusted pool of candidates, match with suitable candidates and review offers directly from them. Businesses and candidates are able to have a chat, conduct interviews and exchange required documentation before putting forward expected rates and / or salary figures – no middle man, it’s as transparent as it can be.

Negotiations take place between the hiring manager and the candidates, with the assurance that time isn’t wasted on checking if the candidates are the right fit but rather spent on selecting the best out of many suitable options!

39 min is the time it takes on average for candidates using the Bench platform to send their rate/salary when being notified of a new job.

Bench Founder

Coordination becomes effortless

Staffing businesses don’t have to be solely responsible for coordinating everyone, and waste time chasing people and leaving voicemails. The Bench platform handles all of the coordination by alerting each party when the ball is in their court, leaving staffing agencies free to focus on sourcing and inviting more quality candidates to the ecosystem and guiding clients in the booking process whenever needed.

A fair monetisation strategy for everyone

If clients are happy to take the wheels on recruitment, with staffing agencies simply overseeing the process and spending far less time involved, the agencies can simply add a fee rate to their clients for booking people on Bench. This is a far more attractive offer for businesses that are happy to manage their own recruitment but prefer to start with quality candidates from the get-go. Alternatively, if the client prefers a recruiter deliver a final shortlist of candidates, the recruiter can charge a larger fee to manage all this on Bench, and then hand the baton over to the clients to view profiles of the final cut and interview them directly through the platform.

An easier exchange of underutilised talent

We’ve seen Bench customers grow from the traditional staffing model to a more ecosystem type of strategy, whereby every entity on the platform can offer and receive resources based on where supply and demand exist. In fact, businesses looking for candidates have realised the opportunity of placing their own underutilised employees and ‘black books’ of contractors on Bench to be made available for other businesses at rates of their choosing. For staffing agencies, this means they can facilitate talent supply and demand between multiple clients where employees and resources are likely to be available on either side.

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With tools to make your services orchestration and delivery seamless, and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

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Every ecosystem member benefits from using Bench

Staffing / recruitment agencies

These businesses earn a more attractive value proposition by bringing an innovative and cost-effective talent sourcing method to their clients without sacrificing the quality of delivery. The significant time saved on admin tasks means focus can be on delivering more value and business development.


Businesses looking for talent get immediate access to a curated pool of candidates without having to pay a high price or dedicate hours upon hours to screening candidates. The platform does it all for them, with the confidence and reassurance that staffing agencies are always in a background running the show.


Working professionals have a quick and easy way to engage with future job opportunities – an invite only platform for all which gives candidates assurance that they match with suitable projects and engage with real customers. They don’t have to hunt for jobs, but rather wait for opportunities to literally come knocking, after which they can put forward preferred rates and start chatting directly with hiring managers.

The uniqueness of the Bench platform when coupled with our service offerings will be the ability for our partners to scale out by leveraging a global marketplace of technical experts around chosen technologies or industry-leading vendors through Westcon-Comstor.

This level of access, and the speed in which partners can utilise these technical capabilities without those resources sitting on their books will be a game-changer for partners.

Phil Cameron
Managing Director

Bench ‘Expertise’ Catalogue

With the Arts Ecosystem already on Bench, our catalog of available artists include:

Fine Art: Photography, Painting, 3D
Public Art: Outdoor Murals, Indoor Murals, Sculptures
Music & Audio: Music production, Mixing and mastering, DJs, Production, Musical performance
Graphic Design: Illustration, Animation
Performance Art: Theatrical Performance, Acting
Fashion: Designers, Modeling, Cosmetics

Start growing with Bench today

With tools to make your services orchestration and delivery seamless, and a support team excited to help you, getting started has never been easier.

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