Always Say yes to services opportunities

Access your ecosystem of capabilities, at speed and scale


There is a multi location or even multi-country, technology infrastructure upgrade project your customer is thinking about. In the past you would have simply walked away not knowing with certainty if you had the capabilities to deliver…


Now your entire ecosystem of capabilities is accessible on demand, in real-time. With a few clicks you are able to identify internal teams and suppliers/partners with the right capabilities in the right locations with confidence. 

Using Benches intuitive, intelligent workflow and broadcast engine you quickly create and send an EOI in minutes to target matched resources and suppliers/partners.


Within hours, expressions of interest from suppliers/partners with indicative pricing and availability, appear on your dashboard. A quick review, chat or video call using Benches in platform Communications Engine to qualify offers and you’re ready to share the great news with your customer. 

With deeper and broader capabilities accessible on demand everyone can align to support customer opportunities and never have to walk away.  

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